Yoga Backbends for better Posture

Practicing backbends is integral to maintaining height and good … Read more

Yoga Backbends for better Posture

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Yoga Backbends for better Posture

Yoga Backbends for better Posture

Practicing backbends is integral to maintaining height and good posture while one ages. The purpose of backbends has very little to do with your back – which is ironic given that is where the pinch and ache is felt later on if wheel, camel, or even bridge pose, are approached too aggressively. The goal of any backbend is to counter the long term forward slouching posture exaggerated by daily routines such as hunching forward over a computer for eight hours. In a backbend, the length of the back side of the body shortens while the distance between both ends move closer to one another. This, in turn, lengthens and stretches the front side of the body as the two ends move further apart.  It is important to practice this range of … [Read More...]

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